Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development Task Force Meeting


Tentative Meeting Agenda


2:00 PM               Call to Order

Welcome and Introductions       

                                New Member Introductions

                                Subcommittee Reports

                              A Report from the Labor and Business Regulation Subcommittee

A Report from the Financial Services Subcommittee

A Report from the Transportation Subcommittee

2:30 PM               Panel Presentation: State Infrastructure Opportunities in the Trump Administration; Shirley Ybarra, Marc Scribner – Competitive Enterprise Institute

3:00 PM               Model Policy Consideration: Vehicle Platooning for Efficiency and Safety Act

3:10 PM               Freedom to Prosper Initiative Presentation; Hon. Tom Newell – Foundation for Government Accountability

3:20 PM               Presentation on Portable Benefits; Ian Adams – R Street Institute

3:30 PM               Panel Presentation: State Occupational Licensing Reform in 2017: Successes, Setbacks, and Opportunities; Lee McGrath – Institute for Justice, Jarrett Skorup – Mackinac Center, Joe Horvath – Yankee Institute

4:00 PM               Model Policy Consideration: Resolution Regarding Property-Assessed Clean Energy Programs

4:20 PM               Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development Task Force Member Update

4:40 PM               For the Good of the Order                   

4:45 PM               Adjournment