Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force Meeting


Task Force on Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development
Tentative Meeting Agenda

2017 Annual Meeting | Denver, Colorado
Thursday, July 20, 2017
2:30 – 5:30 PM

2:00 PM Call to Order
Welcome and Introductions
New Member Introductions

Subcommittee Reports
A Report from the Labor and Business Regulation Subcommittee
A Report from the Financial Services Subcommittee
A Report from the Transportation Subcommittee

2:30 PM Presentation: Infrastructure Opportunities in the Trump Administration
3:00 PM Model Policy Consideration: The Collateral Consequences Reduction Act
Model Policy

3:35 PM Panel Presentation: Right to Work’s Watershed Year: Labor Reforms in 2017

4:00 PM Presentation: Freedom to Prosper Initiative

4:10 PM Model Policy Consideration: Resolution Regarding Property-Assessed Clean Energy Programs

4:30 PM Presentation: Authorizing Automated Vehicle Platooning: A Guide for State Legislators

4:40 PM Model Policy Discussion: AVs: Model State Legislation

5:00 PM Presentation: Premium Financing

5:15 PM Member Updates and For the Good of the Order

5:30 PM Adjournment