Civil Justice Task Force Meeting


Civil Justice Task Force Meeting Agenda

2:00 PM               Call to Order

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Approval of Minutes from States and Nation Policy Summit
  • New member introductions

2:10 PM               ALEC and Civil Justice Task Force Update

2:20 PM               State Legal Reform Activity Update

2:30 PM               Law Professor Presentation Series: The Battle of the Forums: Lawsuit Jurisdiction between Federal and State Courts and How Some Attorneys Try to Override the Rules

2:50 PM               Model Policy Consideration: ALEC Statement of Principles on Workers’ Compensation

3:10 PM               Asbestos Litigation Reform in the States: How States are Fighting Fraud and Considerations for Future Reform

3:40 PM               Innovator Liability: The San Andreas Fault Line for Novel Tort Theory

3:55 PM               Responsible Alternatives to State Workers’ Compensation

4:10PM                 Considering Possible Future Model Policy: Civil Remedies against Terrorism

4:25 PM               Model Policy Consideration: The Actual Harms Act

4:45 PM               For the Good of the Order

5:00 PM               Adjournment