Civil Justice Task Force Meeting


  • 2:00 PM          Call to Order
    • Welcome and Introductions
    • Approval of Minutes from Annual Meeting
  • 2:15 PM          Civil Justice Task Force Update and Overview of Sunset Model Policies
  • 2:25 PM          State Legal Reform Activity Update
  • 2:35 PM          Law Professor Series: Examining the Law of Intentional Torts
  • 2:50 PM          VOTE: Expanding Non-Profit Donor Privacy: Amendment to the Resolution in Support of Nonprofit Donor Privacy
  • 3:10 PM          A Look at Liability Risk for Architects and the Case for Lawsuit Time Limitations
  • 3:25 PM          Sizing Up the Lawsuit Climate in the Appalachian Region: Insights from Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia
  • 3:55 PM          Fraudulent Claims in the Garlock Asbestos Lawsuits and Ways to Preserve Asbestos Claim Resources
  • 4:10 PM          State Consumer Protection Acts: The Newest Tool for State Attorney General Overreach
  • 4:25 PM          Drive-By Disability Lawsuits: The Cottage Legal Industry Exploiting the Cause of Society’s Most Vulnerable
  • 4:40 PM          Free Speech in Medicine: Exploring Off-Label Drug Advertising
  • 4:55 PM          For the Good of the Order
  • 5:00 PM          Adjournment