Workshop: “Delivering the Tech Future: How Wired Networks Power an Unwired World”



“Delivering the Tech Future: How Wired Networks Power an Unwired World”


Whether you’re sending a critical email to a colleague, hailing an Uber, reading the latest tweet from President Trump or listening to your favorite song on Spotify, you’re probably using an unwired digital device or computer. But what actually makes those connections work? And what are the emerging issues that are confronting state and local policy makers?

The symbiotic relationship between fixed and wireless networks is increasingly critical to the future of broadband and the applications they enable. As the cable industry drives innovation and invests billions to expand both wired and unwired networks facilitating the emergence of new technologies and faster internet speeds, the implementation of balanced, technology-neutral policies is critical to ensure continued build-out of networks and to further broadband deployment into rural areas. Although tempting, quick policy proposals do not always engender solutions that create an environment to encourage continuous capital investment in rural areas and long-term viability of next-generation networks.

At the federal level, the FCC is considering multiple issues related to broadband service providers, including access to municipal rights-of-way, access to unlicensed spectrum, the Open Internet, and the role of local, state and federal governments in the deployment of broadband services.

We’ll explore the implications these issues have on state and local policies and your state’s overarching technology infrastructure goals.