Administrative Law Subcommittee


Administrative Law Subcommittee

A Joint Subcommittee of the Civil Justice and

Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Forces

2019 Annual Meeting| Austin, TX

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Administrative State’s virtual self-rule is the greatest threat to representative government, legislative control, and desired substantive reforms. Freedom, free enterprise, limited government and reform of everything from taxes to healthcare, criminal justice to education requires limited and accountable rulemaking. The open subcommittee will explore ways to retain lawmaking authority in the legislative branch of government and roll back regulatory overreach.

10:00 AM        Call to Order

Welcome and Introductions

10:05 AM        Progress on Implementing Existing Model Policy Tools

  • The Administrative Procedures Act
  • An Act to Establish a Cap on Government Red Tape

10:15 AM        Ideas for Discussion: Potential Future Model Policy

  • Streamlining Agency Rule Removal Recommendations
  • Instituting Regulatory Budgeting
  • Habitual Sunset Review of All Regulations
  • Heightening Judicial Review of Regulatory Process Requirements

10:50 AM        For the Good of the Order

10:55 AM        Adjourn