Broadband, Innovation, and Information Technology Subcommittee


Task Force on Communications and Technology

Annual Meeting

Broadband, Innovation, and Information Technology

Austin, Texas | August 14, 2019

9:00       Call to Order and Introductions

9:05       Policy Discussion: State Smart City Challenge Grant Program Model Act

9:20       Policy Discussion: Sunset Review I-VIII

  1. The Pursue and Control Child Predators Act
  2. A Resolution Supporting the Development of an Updated National Spectrum Policy That Expands Unlicensed Access to Spectrum in the 5GHZ Band to Meet Increased Demand for Wireless Broadband Technologies
  • Statement of Principles for the Electronic Communications Privacy Act Reform
  1. Statement of Principles for Cybersecurity
  2. Telecommunications Deregulation Policy Statement
  3. Electronic Data Privacy Protection Act
  • Local Investment Made Easy (LIME) Act
  • Resolution Opposing the Expansion of the Federal Trade Commission’s Rulemaking Authority

9:40       Old Business

               Good of the Order

 9:45       Adjourn