Key Points
  • Public policy relating to communications and technology should be driven by free market principles.
  • The Internet must remain free from intermediary criminal liability under state laws for Internet businesses, and today’s approach that allows the competitive marketplace to generate innovative and welfare-enhancing platforms for consumer services online, free from excessive governmental regulation and overreaching state criminal law enforcement must be maintained.
  • Regulations should target actual harms to consumers or to public health or safety, and should not stifle innovation, competition, or access to technologies.
  • Voluntary codes of conduct, industry-driven standards and individual empowerment should be preferred over government regulation.

Whether improving processes, creating products or developing new ideas, the application of technology can enable real changes in how state government works, both in quality of services delivered to constituents, cost savings and quality of life.

States have the opportunity in our national balance of government power, to address policy challenges through innovation and experimentation, to lead by being the “laboratories of democracy.” Most of the challenges are not easy, but innovation is often the way through, and states are best equipped for this challenge.  Confronting challenges in these “laboratories,” and taking the risks to create a better tomorrow provides a best practices blueprint for other states and the federal government.  States are the incubators of solutions.  But even when the creative goes astray, the experience provides valuable insight for other states as they grapple with their challenges.

Solving real problems with relevant solutions is the key to any successful public policy agenda.  In other words, innovation is just as much about identifying the problem as it is about creating the solution. The secrets of America’s success at invention are flexibility, the willingness to experiment and learn from mistakes, an inherent love of risk taking, adventure, discovery, entrepreneurship, the internal drive that gives permission to imagine and invent, the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail…and a sensible government that stays out of the way of the magic.  This is innovation.


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Model Policies

  • Resolution in Support of Non-Discriminatory Property Tax Policies Draft

    WHEREAS, American consumers have come to rely on high speed communications networks constructed by communications providers to improve their overall quality of life including in the areas of healthcare, education, business, emergency services, and other purposes; and WHEREAS, communications providers must make sizeable investments to keep pace with consumer demand …

  • State Council on Competitive Government Act Sunset Review

    {Title, enacting clause, etc.} Section 1. {Definitions.} In this chapter: (1)  “Council” means the State Council on Competitive Government. (2)  “Local government” means a county, municipality, special district, school district, junior college district, or other legally constituted political subdivision of the state. Section 2. {Competition, Innovation and Creativity in State Services.} …

  • Resolution Opposing Government Efforts to Impose a Set-Top Box Mandate and Undermine the Video Ecosystem Draft

    WHEREAS, consumers are benefiting from an explosion of video content and ways to consume that content as never before; and, WHEREAS, the current video environment and ecosystem are often referred to as The Golden Age of Television; and, WHEREAS, Multichannel Video Programming Distributors (MVPDS) distribute content in a variety of …

  • A Resolution to Establish a Local Taxpayer Bill of Rights for Residents of (INSERT JURISDICTION) Final

    WHEREAS, this great nation is built on the solid foundation of government being of the people, by the people and for the people, and WHEREAS, it has become too commonplace for governments at all levels, to solve financial problems by creating new taxes and/or increasing existing taxes with little or …

  • Resolution on Cord and Placenta Blood Banking and Research

    Summary This resolution recognizes the need for increased public awareness about the use and research of umbilical cord blood and placenta blood banking to provide treatment options for debilitating or terminal diseases, and encourages ongoing research and private enterprise.   Model Resolution WHEREAS, Research continues to show umbilical cord blood and …

  • Resolution on Government Tax Preparation & Electronic Filing

    Resolution on Government Tax Preparation & Electronic Filing WHEREAS, a program that is important to the citizens of the United States may be in jeopardy as the result of decisions being made in the Federal Government; and WHEREAS, 50 percent of the states that have an individual income tax have banded together to …

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Task Forces

Communications and Technology

With nearly 200 members representing all parts of the country and every segment of industry, the Communications and Technology Task …

Press Releases

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