ALEC Staff

ALEC has an eclectic set of full-time staffers who strive daily to promote limited government, free markets and federalism. Their diverse interests, backgrounds and experiences contribute to an effective team of happy warriors for freedom.

Amy Kjose Anderson

Director, Civil Justice Task Force

Jason Bethke

Salesforce Administrator and Developer

Genneya Briscoe

Director of Employee Relations, Finance and Administration

Courtney Cook

Director, Events

Victoria Eberlein

Manager, Membership and Development

Shelby Emmett

Director, Center to Protect Free Speech

Inez Feltscher Stepman

Director, Education and Workforce Development Task Force

Jose Fernandez

Office Manager

Wes Fisher

Manager, Membership and Development

Joe Goetz

Director, Development

Joel Griffith

Director, Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force

Alyssa Hackbarth

Manager, Public Affairs and Digital Strategy

Jonathon Hauenschild

Director, Communications and Technology Task Force

Mason Hunt

Coordinator, Events

Sarah Hunt

Director, Center for Innovation and Technology

Karla Jones

Director, Federalism and International Relations Task Force

Ronald J. Lampard

Director, Criminal Justice Reform Task Force

Matthew Lipina

Coordinator, Development

Tom McLaughlin

Project Coordinator, Public Affairs

Nicole Murphy

Public Affairs Coordinator

Robert Ordway

Task Force Director of Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development

Christine Phipps

Director, Art and Creative

Thurston Powers

Legislative Analyst

Hon. Jon Russell

Director, American City County Exchange

Christine Smith

Coordinator, Center for State Fiscal Reform

Sarah Spaulding

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Daniel Turner

Research Analyst, Center to Protect Free Speech

Ashley Varner

Senior Director, Strategic Communications

Marie Vulaj

Senior Director, Membership and Development

Lacey White

Policy Manager

Elliot Young

Research Analyst, Center for State Fiscal Reform