ALEC Staff

ALEC has an eclectic set of full-time staffers who strive daily to promote limited government, free markets and federalism. Their diverse interests, backgrounds and experiences contribute to an effective team of happy warriors for freedom.

Bora Bakar

Associate, Accounts Receivable

Gretchen Baldau

Executive Assistant, Office of the Chief Executive Officer

James Bergman

Coordinator, Partnerships and Engagement

Jason Bethke

Director, Digital Strategy

Courtney Cook

Senior Director, Events

Will Davies

Coordinator, Legislative Outreach

Skip Estes

Legislative Analyst, Center for State Fiscal Reform

Jose Fernandez

Office Manager

Aaron Gillham

Membership; ALEC CARE

Carly Good

Analyst, Policy

Hunter Hamberlin

Coordinator, Legislative Outreach

Jonathon Hauenschild

Director, Communications and Technology Task Force

Gwendolyn Hodge

Manager, Events

Alexis Jarrett

Coordinator, Public Affairs

Josh Jaye

Director, Non-Profit and Corporate Relations

Karla Jones

Senior Director, Federalism and International Relations Task Force

Grant Kidwell

Director, Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force

Ronald J. Lampard

Senior Director, Criminal Justice Task Force and Civil Justice Task Force

Eli Peterson

Accountant, Finance and Administration

Christine Phipps

Director, Art and Creative

Dan Reynolds

Director of Public Affairs

Brooklyn Roberts

Director, Health and Human Services Task Force

Stephen Rupp

Coordinator, Digital Engagement

Hon. Jon Russell

Director, American City County Exchange

Lee Schalk

Senior Director, Center for State Fiscal Reform

Thomas Savidge

Research Manager, Center for State Fiscal Reform

Michael Slabinski

Director, Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development

Giovanni Triana

Manager, Development

Daniel Turner

Research Analyst, Center to Protect Free Speech

Sarah Wall

Coordinator, Special Projects

Bob Williams

Senior Fellow, Center for State Fiscal Reform