ALEC Policy

Brooklyn Roberts

Director, Health and Human Services Task Force

Grant Kidwell

Director, Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force

Mike Slabinski

Legislative Analyst

Thurston Powers

Legislative Analyst, Center for State Fiscal Reform

Robert Ordway

Director, Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force

Shelby Emmett

Director, Center to Protect Free Speech

Joel Griffith

Director, Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force

Sarah Hunt

Director, Center for Innovation and Technology

Elliot Young

Research Analyst, Center for State Fiscal Reform

Christine Smith

Manager, Center for State Fiscal Reform

Nathan Brinkman

Communications Coordinator, Center for State Fiscal Reform

Ronald J. Lampard

Director, Criminal Justice Task Force

Lacey White

Policy Manager

Michael Bowman

Vice President, Policy

Bartlett Cleland

General Counsel and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Jonathan Williams

Chief Economist and Vice President, Center for State Fiscal Reform

Amy Kjose Anderson

Senior Director, Civil Justice Task Force

Inez Feltscher Stepman

Director, Education and Workforce Development Task Force

Jonathon Hauenschild

Director, Communications and Technology Task Force

Karla Jones

Director, Federalism and International Relations Task Force

Hon. Jon Russell

Director, American City County Exchange

Bob Williams

Senior Fellow, Center for State Fiscal Reform