Creative Policy Ideas to Address COVID-19

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are analyzing the many policy proposals at all levels of government to address the current situation. Obviously, many of these could lead to an erosion of free markets, limited government and federalism. I think we can all agree that times of crisis can be dangerous for our shared principles.

In order to provide the most effective policy solutions that empower states and localities – and more importantly, job creators, civic institutions and individuals – ALEC turns to you, our members and allies, for your ideas that will bring timely guidance to leaders in Washington and the 50 state capitals. Throughout our nearly 50-year history, ALEC has always been at the forefront of producing and exchanging ideas and will continue to provide principled solutions that benefit all Americans.

To continue that mission, please reach out to me with your thoughts at [email protected]. We plan to continually update the ALEC website with the best free market policy ideas you submit.

Also, I thought you might be interested in our latest video, where my colleague Bill Meierling interviews Lee Schalk and me, and we discuss how state policymakers can best position their states to weather these challenging times of economic uncertainly.

As many states look to re-evaluate their budgets to factor in recent market trends, the ALEC State Budget Reform Toolkit is a great resource. The toolkit outlines 23 proven policy solutions for states to improve their budget process, while avoiding economically damaging tax increases. Retaining our national and state economic competitiveness during this period will be critical. This will ensure we exit this painful time with the best outlook for recovery and growth.

Since recording the video, I was pleased to see the Trump Administration delayed the federal tax payment deadline by 90 days. After speaking with numerous state lawmakers, members of Congress and governors’ offices in recent days, I think it is very likely states will soon consider following suit. It is clear this shift will help businesses and families manage cash flow during these trying times.

While this is an important start, considering extending the deadline further into the year and also applying the grace period to the tax filing deadline would be a helpful step for many of our members with whom I’ve recently communicated. That’s just one of the promising policy ideas that will help us recover from our current situation. Our entire policy department at ALEC is busy preparing the best ideas from our task forces and centers to bring to the debate.

I look forward to hearing from you as we build our free market collection of policy ideas from the 50 “laboratories of democracy.”

Stay safe, and please let us know whenever ALEC can be helpful to you.