Center to Restore the Balance of Government

The Center to Restore the Balance of Government is a natural outgrowth of ALEC as the organization has such a strong federalism-focus. The Center will help realize the goals articulated in the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

Chaired by former ALEC National Chairman Iowa Majority Leader Linda Upmeyer and counseled by proven federal and state leaders with strong backgrounds in state sovereignty issues.

Decisions that impact individual, local communities should be made by at the local level. Genuine accountability to hardworking taxpayers comes from state and local legislators working with community members to determine a plan of action that is right for each individual state, city or town. The ALEC Center to Restore the Balance of Government will provide tools for state lawmakers to set priorities for state control over state issues. Real solutions come from the fifty laboratories of democracy, not one-size fits all federal government policies that disregard regional differences and local community needs.

For more information on the ALEC Center to Restore the Balance of Government contact Michael Hough at or via phone at 571-482-5155.

For information on the ALEC Federalism Task Force, contact Karla Jones at or via phone at 571-482-5017.

FederalismALEC’s Restoring the Balance of Power contains 13 proposals for state legislators to return sovereignty to the states. We are witnessing an unprecedented power grab from Washington, D.C. as they take more and more decision-making authority from state and local governments.

With federal government overreach at an all-time high, now is the time for state lawmakers to take back control of issues that should be dealt with at the state and local level. The recent failures of Obamacare should serve as proof to the American people that we are poorly served by an all-powerful centralized government.


Article Five HandbookALEC’s Article V Handbook details how state legislators can call for a constitutional convention to enact important reforms like a Balanced Budget Amendment. Our nation is trillions of dollars in debt without a credible plan to stop spending. The battle in Congress has escalated to a point where politics outweighs the cost of our economic future, and there is little hope our nation’s leaders will make the tough choices that need to be made in order to reign in our debt and revive our economy. Fortunately, there is a solution outside of Congress—a solution that Professor Rob Natelson outlines in this Handbook.

Our Founders knew the importance of checks and balances. In the United States Constitution, they outlined one of the most important roles states have in keeping the federal government in check. Under Article V, states are granted the right to require Congress to call a convention of the states, during which states can propose amendments to the Constitution.