Prison Overcrowding: Texas

Below is a summary of information including: the most recent statistics from Texas’ Department of Criminal Justice, an overview of the state’s prison overcrowding dilemma, as well as helpful references and points of contact for those interested in resolving the problem.

Facts and Figures

TDCJ Costs

  • Annual budget: $3,087,899,321
  • Average annual cost per inmate: $18,538

TDCJ Staff and Population

  • Total department active personnel: 37,059
  • Total incarcerated under TDCJ jurisdiction: 152,303
  • Total number of facilities: 111
  • Average sentence (for 2012 releases): 5.7 years
  • Average time served (for 2012 releases): 3.0 years
  • Average age: 37.8 years

Organization of state divisions, view here.


  • Population: 113,374

Overcrowding Quick Facts

  • Texas is second to only California in the size of its prison system
  • Texas was facing huge increases in their prison populations before calling on the Council of State Governments’ JusticeCenter and the PEW Charitable Trust’s Center on the States to initiate criminal justice reform; such as allocating monies to treatment centers for alcohol/drug addicts, etc.

Points of Contact

Texas Board of Criminal Justice
P.O. Box 13084
Austin, TX78711
(512) 475-3250

Organization of Texas Department of Criminal Justice Executive Staff, view here.

Helpful Links

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

FY 2012 Annual Report

FY 2012 Statistical Report

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Cara Sullivan

Task Force Director
Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development
& Justice Performance Project  

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