Prison Overcrowding: Oklahoma

Below is a summary of information including: the most recent statistics from Oklahoma’s Department of Corrections as well as helpful references and points of contact for those interested in resolving the problem.

Facts and Figures

DOC Costs

  • Annual budget: $6,504,270,090

DOC Staff and Population

  • Total department active personnel: 3,897
    • Correctional Officers:1,596
  • Adult institutions: 19
  • Total incarcerated under DOC jurisdiction: 26,539
  • Average age: 38.1 years

Organization of state divisions, view here.

Parole and Probation

  • Officers:281
  • Parole population: 3,059
  • Probation population: 21,085
  • Average parolee age: 45.3 years

Points of Contact

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

3400 N Martin Luther King Ave
Oklahoma City, OK  73111-4298 or
P.O. Box 11400, Oklahoma City, OK 73136-0400
(405) 425-2500

Organization of DOC Executive Staff, view here 

Helpful Links

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Annual Report 2013

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Cara Sullivan

Task Force Director
Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development
& Justice Performance Project  

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