Prison Overcrowding: Arizona

Below is a summary of information including: the most recent statistics from Arizona’s Department of Corrections, an overview of the state’s prison overcrowding dilemma, as well as helpful references and points of contact for those interested in resolving the problem.

Facts & Figures

DOC Costs

  • Annual budget: $1,059,259,900
  • Average annual cost per inmate: $23,665

DOC Staff and Population

  • Total department full-time positions: 10,118
  • Correctional Officers: 5,374
  • Minimum custody: 4.4 years
  • Medium custody: 10.2 years
  • Maximum custody: 13.0 years
  • Total number of facilities: 13
  • Total incarcerated under DOC jurisdiction: 39,577
  • Average sentence
    • Minimum custody: 4.4 years
    • Medium custody: 10.2 years
    • Maximum custody: 13.0 years


  • Population: 5,911

Overcrowding Quick Facts

  • Arizona lawmakers approved a 2008 measure that lets thousands of probationers end their terms early, in the hopes that this will reduce their chances of being sent to prison for conditions of probation violations.

Points of Contact

For general inquiries about the Department’s activities, send an email to the Public Affairs Office:

Organization of DOC Executive Staff, view here

Helpful Links

Arizona Department of Corrections

Department of Corrections Strategic Plan

FY 2013 ADC Data & Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Cara Sullivan

Task Force Director
Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development
& Justice Performance Project  

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