ALEC Digital Exchange 12-12-2013

ALEC’s weekly email update for the week of 12-12-2013

A Successful States and Nation Policy Summit 


Last week, nearly 900 members gathered in Washington, D.C. at the States and Nation PolicySummit. The conference was a great success and prepared for a successful 2014.

Attendees were joined by speakers including U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (WI), Grover Norquist, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (TX), Governor Mike Pence (IN), State Senator Mark Green (TN-22) and Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-1). You can view their speeches on our YouTube page.

If you were able to join the States and Nation Policy Summit, thank you for participating in the innovating discussions during the workshops and task force meetings. If you were not able to take part, please plan to do so next year.

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American Legislative Exchange Council in the news

In Trying to Smear ALEC, Wash Po Liberal Gets It Wrong


Human Event’s Merrill Matthews responds to Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank’s op-ed from last week’s States and Nation Policy Summit, which attempted to add to attacks against ALEC:

What Milbank doesn’t say is that ALEC has been directly targeted by the radical left, including Occupy Wall Street, in an effort to undermine an organization that works as a check on the left’s efforts to take control of state legislatures. Also, union members have been showing up in droves to picket ALEC meetings-so you know ALEC must be doing something right.


Read the full post here.


ALEC’s transparency goes punished


Bill Meierling responds to misleading representations of the States and Nation Policy Summit in a Washington Post Letter to the Editor: 


Mr. Milbank was offered access to the meeting alongside several dozen reporters – both critical and supportive of the organization. Like other similar organizations, ALEC holds events with both public and private elements. At Congress, for instance, conference committees are conducted in private so that legislators have the opportunity to resolve disagreement on specific bills. But, apparently to his chagrin, Mr. Milbank does not dictate ALEC policies; they are created and upheld by ALEC’s board of directors, which is composed solely of legislators.


Read the full article here.



Next up for ALEC: Taming the federal government


The Washington Post’s Niraj Chokshi provides an in-depth look into ALEC’s recent Washington D.C. policy conference:


ALEC made its name bolstering conservative and often corporate-friendly policies in the states. This year, its goal is to limit the power of one of the few institutions that could undo that work: the federal government.


‘This is going to be a year we’re going to focus on federalism and partnerships with organizations that believe in the things we do,’ incoming ALEC Chairwoman and Iowa state Rep. Linda Upmeyer told the lunch crowd Wednesday, the second day of the conference, which ends Friday. ‘The balance of power must be restored and states will lead the way.’


Read the full article here.



What they never tell you about who also funds ALEC


The Washington Examiner’s Mark Tapscott writes about some of the unexpected sources of ALEC support, as a search of contribution records reveals millions of dollars in grants from foundations that are anything but “right-wing”:


The Pew Charitable Trusts’ $145,000 grant in 2012 was for ‘policy support.’ And the purpose of the $250,000 from Lumina Foundation for Education in 2010 was ‘to help state legislators explore policy options intended to increase student success and productivity.’


Read the full article here.

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Task Force Tours  

On Tuesday, John Stephenson, director of the Task Force on Communications and Technology, testified before the North Dakota legislature’s Information Technology Committee. The topic was Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) regulation and technology.


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This Week’s Hot Reads 


Jersey City program is lifting female ex-offenders by giving “trade not aid”

December 11, 2013 –


EPA’s Proposal Will Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions, BIO Says

December 10, 2013 – Yahoo! Finance


Gov. Haslam pushes feds to discuss TennCare expansion plan

December 10, 2013 – The Tennessean 

Tech giants unite in push to make feds rein in NSA eavesdropping

December 09, 2013 – Politico


Alabama getting $27.8M for broadband access

December 06, 2013 – Kansas City Star

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What’s New on The American Legislator Blog?

Header - American Legislator

In case you missed it this week on our American Legislator blog, ALEC’s Will Freeland and Andrew Bender

compare the effects of tax reform in Nebraska:


A recent study by the Nebraska Department of Revenue (DOR), (1) intended to inform the members of Nebraska’s Commission on Tax Modernization, confirms what pro­-growth tax reformers have long argued: tax cuts lead to personal income growth, investment growth, and   job growth. Though the study incorrectly found sales tax cuts to be a greater boon to state economic performance than income tax cuts, the study notes that even after accounting for offsetting cuts to government spending, tax cuts of any kind would provide a boost to Nebraska’s economy.


Read the full blog post here.