ALEC Digital Exchange 05-08-2014

 ALEC’s weekly email update for the week of 05-08-2014

2014-04-09 RSPS_early_release-cover-300x429 web2014-04-14 - New Task Force Page Capture

Download Rich States, Poor States to see where your state ranks in economic competitiveness. is Updated

Visit the updated Task Force pages for model policies, working documents, 35-day mailers and related policy articles.

Net Metering Reform Webinar – May 152014-03-19 Net Metering report thumbnail 250x324

On Thursday, May 15, Brenda Burns, former ALEC National Chair and current Commissioner on the Arizona Corporation Commission will join all interested ALEC members for a webinar and conference call to share her ideas and experiences regarding net metering reform in Arizona.

Tom Tanton of T2 and Associates and author of the
recently released Reforming Net Metering will also share
the major findings of his report.

When: Thursday, May 15, 1:30pm – 2:30pm

To RSVP, please email John Eick at


American Legislative Exchange Council in the News

State Rep. Garofalo to talk energy at Missouri conference
The Star Tribune covers state Minnesota State Chair Pat Garofalo’s participation at the Spring Task Force Summit in Kansas City.

ALEC Summit: Lawmakers Lament Lack of Progress on Big-Ticket Tax Cuts
Tax Analysts provides a summary of legislator member remarks during a panel discussion on tax policy by the Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy at the Spring Task Force Summit (subscription only).

Energy Incentives
The New York Times publishes a number of Letters to the Editor regarding Net Metering, including John Eick, representing the Task Force on Energy, Environment and Agriculture.

The fact is, her facts are false

The Minnesota Sun Post
publishes a Letter from Bill Meierling correcting the record about ALEC on a number of falsehoods by a self-proclaimed expert on the organization.

Some Missouri Lawmakers Attend Conservative Group’s Spring Summit
St. Louis Public Radio previews the Spring Task Force Summit in Missouri.

State Legislators Meet in Kansas City to Discuss, Share Ideas previews the Spring Task Force Summit in Missouri.

Other News

Missouri Lawmakers Override Veto, Enact Tax Cut

Youngstown voters reject fracking ban – again

A&A: What Amazon’s sales-tax collecting means for shoppers, retailers

The Case for Charter Schools in America

2014-04-09 RSPS_early_release-cover-300x429 web

Rich States, Poor States in the News

Rich States, Poor States continues to receive positive national coverage.
New examples of coverage include:

National Center for Policy Analysis State Economic Performance and Outlook

The Times and DemocratWhat are S.C. lawmakers’ priorities?

Task Force Update

Michael Hough will serve as Interim Director of the Task force on Communications and Technology. Michael has worked
with ALEC and its members since 2007, serving in various capacities – including as a task force director for three years. CAT members: if Michael can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact him at