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Is Your State Rich or Poor? 

Download the
2014 Rich States, Poor States ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitive Index.

All members are invited to join a conference call featuring the report.
Co-author Jonathan Williams will discuss pro-growth state policies that increase economic competitiveness.

Email to RSVP.

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for the 2014 Spring Task Force Summit in Kansas City, MO. The updated meetings website has all the information you need to plan your trip, from hotel and shuttle information, to Task Force meeting times and entertainment options in Kansas City.

Turnout is so great, we SOLD OUT the Marriott host hotel.

Please contact Courtney Cook directly at to secure your room in the Crowne Plaza for the same discounted rate before this second hotel block sells out.

Need a Ride from the Kansas City Airport?

ALEC has arranged for a discounted rate with SuperShuttle Kansas City for our attendees.

The shuttle will pick you up at MCI (Kansas City International Airport) and take you straight to the Marriott Downtown. Upon Departure, the shuttle will pick you up outside the hotel and take you directly to the airport.

Round trip transportation at the ALEC discounted rate is only $30, compared to $80 in a cab.

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ALEC Responds to Latest False Charge

Yesterday, U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus, sent a letter to the Acting Inspector General of the U.S. Department of the Interior that accused ALEC of lobbying and called into question the ALEC position on federal lands.
The Washington Post and The Washington Free Beacon covered the story, in which they gave ALEC ample room to respond.

From The Washington Post:

“This seems like high political theater on the part of Rep. Grijalva,” said ALEC spokesman Bill Meierling. State lawmakers have a clear interest in managing public land within their borders, he said.

“Mr. Grijava’s allegations are frivolous, fail to cite the regulations governing lobbying activity and are no doubt part of a long time effort by those who disagree with ALEC’s ideas to discredit the organization, rather than debating its proposals,” the group said in a written statement.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

“It’s a baseless claim that’s not substantiated by any evidence or any information,” Bill Meierling, ALEC’s senior director of public affairs, said in an interview.

“This six page letter is political theater at its best, and is basically creating an ALEC strawman to continue to try to further the conspiracy that we’re involved in things we’re not involved in,” Meierling said.

Please read the articles to see the ALEC response.

2014-04-14 - New Task Force Page Capture

Updates at has undergone an update to increase functionality and make it easier to access Task Force information. Each Task Force page now serves as a clearinghouse for all related policy information, including:

  • Model policies (view all Task Force-specifics model policies by clicking “view all”)
  • 35-day mailers and Task Force working documents
  • Task Force related blog posts relating

Stay tuned for other exciting changes to
the ALEC website during the next several months.

American Legislative Exchange Council in the News

One Democratic congressman escalates the fight over ALEC
ALEC dismisses false charges in The Washington Post (please see above).

Raul Grijalva Tries to Tie ALEC to Bundy Ranch

ALEC dismisses the congressman’s accusations in The Washington Free Beacon (please see above).

Good policy comes from sharing ideas
Vermont state chair Rep. Bob Helm (HD-3) writes an editorial to the Times Argus explaining the value of membership for lawmakers to learn from their counterparts across the country.

Reforming Net Metering
The National Center for Policy Analysis
provides a fair and accurate description of net metering laws and ALEC adopted model policy regarding net metering reform. NCPA cites an ALEC recent report, Reforming Net Metering: Providing a Bright and Equitable Future as its main resource.

Missouri Opts For More Jobs in its Move to Become a Right-to-Work State
Investor’s Business Dailyweighs fact versus fiction in the debate over Right-to-Work in Missouri.

McCrory, tax overhaul opponents talk on filing day
ABC 13 News
covers a tax-filing day event with North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, state legislators and ALEC to celebrate the state’s tax changes.

Balancing Ride-on-Demand Innovations with Common Sense Consumer Protections
Protecting consumers, while fostering innovation. Cara Sullivan in the American Legislator notes the need for common sense approaches in balancing ROD innovation and consumer protection.

Prison Overcrowding Threatens Public Safety and State Budgets

A look into how prison overcrowding may actually threaten not only public safety, but states’ budgets, leaving taxpayers with the bill – The American Legislator reports.

State-based exchanges face scrutiny, questions of mismanagement
At the American Legislator, Health and Human Services analyst Ed Walton provides insight on the troubles faced by the various state-based exchanges around the country.

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Rich States, Poor States in the News

Since its release on April 15, Rich States, Poor States has already received more than 100 hits in national and state media, as well as on blogs and with coalition partners. A small sampling follows:

Investors Business DailyStates that Tax and Spend Less Do Better Economically

The Washington PostFree-market group ALEC: Utah has the best economic outlook this year

Washington ExaminerState economy showdown: Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Mike Pence vs. Chris Christie

Bloomberg BusinessweekConservative group gives Kansas mixed economic grades [Wichita Eagle]

Daily Caller

The joke’s on them: High-ranked states in ‘Rich States, Poor States’ perform better

The Blaze
Which States Have the Best Economic Future?

Fort Wayne Journal-GazetteIndiana wins praise on economy

WTOP 103.5 Washington, D.C. –
Va. slips out of top 10 in economic growth prospects

Tax AnalystsUtah tops ALEC’s ‘Rich States, Poor States’ for Seventh Consecutive Year’ (subscription only)

Tax Foundation – 2014 Rich States, Poor States Report Ranks States on Economic Performance and Outlook

Americans for Prosperity
ALEC’s “Rich States, Poor States” Reaffirms What Works

The Detroit News
Editorial: State’s improved economy just a start

Dallas Morning News
Texas dips one spot to No. 13 in ALEC’s 2014 economic outlook ranking
American Legislative Exchange Council Releases “Rich States, Poor States” Rankings

Task Force Tours

On Tuesday, Jonathan Williams and the team at the Center for State Fiscal Reform held a joint press conference with North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and state legislators to unveil the 2014 Rich States Poor States and celebrate North Carolina’s recent tax reforms

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2014 Annual Meeting Dallas-Register Now

Register for the 2014 Annual Meeting Jul 30 – Aug 1 in Dallas, TX

Early Bird cut-off for Exhibitor Registration is April 25.
Don’t miss an opportunity to promote your organization’s mission and speak with hundreds of legislators from across the country. Spaces are filling up and we expect to reach maximum capacity. Sign up today by contacting Brendan Barber at or (202) 281-8879.

Early Bird Attendee Registration Prices end June 13.
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