About ALEC

About the American Legislative Exchange Council

The American Legislative Exchange Council is America’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators. Comprised of nearly one-quarter of the country’s state legislators, business and thought leaders, think tank scholars and individuals, ALEC provides a unique forum for diverse groups to exchange ideas and develop real, state-based solutions that encourage growth, preserve economic security and protect hardworking taxpayers.

  • ALEC is a forum for exchange of ideas (a place for continuing education of state legislators)
    • ALEC provides nonpartisan study, analysis and research focused on protecting hardworking taxpayers, identifying the appropriate balance of power between the states and the federal government and determining innovative approaches to state policy challenges
    • ALEC works in the public interest. It brings together stakeholders for academic discussion of policy
    • Nearly all professions require some form of continuing education. State legislators should be no different
    • No legislator can be an expert on all policy issues, but their constituents expect them to be. Legislators join ALEC to stay current on state legislative trends and learn from one-another about what has and hasn’t worked in states around the country
  • ALEC members represent their communities’ perspectives (a majority of the American people)
    • All legislators are elected to represent their communities. If they do not, they will be held accountable at the ballot box
    • A majority of Americans believe that the government closest to the people (state legislatures) is best for addressing community policy
    • Americans desire real solutions that preserve economic freedom and security. They want to keep more of their hard-earned money and reduce the cost of everyday life. ALEC members discuss innovative models that put genuine accountability to work among state legislators and give hardworking taxpayers the government they deserve
    • ALEC legislators represent more than 60 million Americans and ALEC member companies give jobs to more than 30 million people in the United States. It is important for legislators to understand the policy perspectives of job creators to ensure economic security and opportunity in their communities
  • ALEC is a transparent organization
    • All ALEC model policy, drafts for consideration, agendas and financial information are available at ALEC.org
    • At meetings, journalists and the public are welcome to attend ALEC keynotes, plenary sessions and policy workshops
  • ALEC is one of many similar organizations in the state policy landscape
    • Many organizations including the National Conference of State Legislatures, Council of State Governments, State Innovation Exchange and National Black Caucus of State Legislators (among many others) bring state legislators and other stakeholders together at meetings to discuss state policy trends and issues and craft model policy, “legislative policy recommendations” (NCSL) or “suggested state legislation” (CSG)
    • Travel and expense reimbursement is commonplace and allowed by the IRS and state ethics guidelines
    • Legislators and all Americans have the right to associate and exchange ideas in any forum they choose. This right is protected by the Constitution, and no one should be intimidated by those who want to silence speech
    • Unlike other state policy organizations, ALEC is not taxpayer funded